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Bravo Price Corp.,
2610 E 18th Str, Office #1, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Phone: 1-800-682-5734
Fax:       1-212-695-1304
E-mail: [email protected]
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Armenia 21.0 c
Belgium 4.3 c
France 4.8 c
Germany 4.1 c
Hong Kong 5.9 c
Israel 7.9 c
Italy 5.7 c
Moldova 21.3 c
Warsaw city, Poland 8.2 c
St. Petersburg, Russia 7.0 c
USA 3.0 c
Ukraine 14.2 c
United Kingdom 3.9 c

Rates with 800 access numbers are 2 cents more. Rates to cellular phones may be higher. Payphone surcharge is $1.50.